Louisiana Vikings

Viking Reunion

So, I'm waiting at the Baton Rouge airport for my Viking friend, Mike, to land in BTR for a three week visit to see the States and how we entrepreneurs work on this side of the world. He's arriving from Horst, The Netherlands, in about 10 minutes. I have a feeling this will be a…

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What is this site?

Local entrepreneurs Stafford Kendall and Tommy Talley spent two weeks in December 2012 in Europe for the Startup Bus: Europe, an international competition that pits Buspreneurs from different European regions against one another. This site is a compilation of essays on their adventures on the Bus, before and after. StartupBus exists to create a community…

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What I Learned from the Viking Startup Bus: Europe 2012

While I learned a million things over the last 10 days, I think these are the most important ones. They were things I *knew* before, but I didn't really understand the meaning in such a profound way: 1 - Communications skills extend way beyond listening and verbal acuity. The Dutchies I spent most of my…

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The Pitch

I had 8 hours of sleep total over the past 96 hours. We pitched

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Paris Arrival and Getting to the Pitch

Monday morning at 2 am, we arrived at the tiniest, lamest hostel I've ever been to. The accommodations were typical Parisian hostel, but the staff was simply miserable. They weren't particularly interested in the 70 of us or assisting us in any way. We checked in (slowly) and my team got to work. We decided…

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It’s Crunch Time.

In less than 45 minutes, Daniel will do the first public presentation of our company Qbeeco (

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Hive is Buzzing!

Wow. I've never launched a site less than 36 hours before. I mean, sure, we've launched site quickly... but usually not for a company and concept that didn't exist before we started. httpss://bitly.com/YBkFLN

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Facebook page live

If you get a moment, please like our Facebook page:

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Two of a kind.

Really tough pitch last night - you can watch it here: Daniel with QBeeCo is my teammate pitching. We met up with the German bus at a hostel in Hamburg where we had a midnight pitch-off. As we were waiting for our turn, Team Marshmallow from the German bus came up to pitch their kid…

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Discussing parenting models with four single, childless people is a fascinating thing. The conversation around our business model has evolved into a discussion of the Social Compact, Adam Smith's economics, relationship modeling, parenting, accountability and personal responsibility. What's interesting to me is that I'm realizing all big ideas for businesses and products come down to…

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