My mom just got back from Japan -- she visited some Papieriums that were amazing. In case you want to peruse, take a look at these links:

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The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated

No - it wasn't me that passed away over the weekend. The girl who died was Kendall Stafford - yes, she was my age. Yes, I knew her (in middle school). I appreciate everyone's concern, emails and phone calls. (as do my mother, father and husband).

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My little Dog-U-Tantes

See Hazel and Quinn walk the "red carpet" at the Dog-U-Tante Ball put on this weekend by Spay Baton Rouge. [googlevideo= That's Steve saying "Go Hazel! Go Hazel! Go Hazel! Go Hazel! Go Hazel!" in the background. And they have photos for purchase: Thank you for attending the Spay Baton Rouge Dog-U-Tante Ball last weekend.…

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Let them eat dirt!

From The Advocate - Feb. 14, 2008 Web expert Stafford Kendall lightened the recipe of the popular Dirt Cake and said she thought the reduced-calorie version was just as delightful as the full-fat one.

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About my grandmother’s estate sale

Here's a lovely post about my grandmother's estate sale:

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Gender confusion

Steve was talking about going to see characters at DisneyWorld. Quinn said, "yeah, we'll see Eeyore, and Tigger, and Pooh!" Steve said, "And Mickey Mouse. Don't forget Mickey Mouse. But, you know, sometimes Mickey Mouse is a girl."

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Pictures from Halloween


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The Best Rooms at Disney World

Here's an Excel Chart of the fanciest rooms at DisneyWorld sorted by nightly rate per occupant. This includes all of the suites and villas that aren't on the usual sites or room lists, including: Yellowstone Presidential - Old Faithful Club 2 Bedroom Suite - Inn Keeprs Club 2 Bedroom Suite - Stone Harbor Club Turret…

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Steve singing Boomer Sooners

Here's our son singing Boomer Sooners

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Water Experiment at Church

I’m teaching Sunday school on September 23 and need your help with some supplies.   If you have the ability to get us some water from your city, it would be much appreciated. If it could be sent in a mason jar or other glass jar, that’d be best. Second would be some sort of…

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