Two of a kind.

Two of a kind.

Really tough pitch last night – you can watch it here:

Daniel with QBeeCo is my teammate pitching.

We met up with the German bus at a hostel in Hamburg where we had a midnight pitch-off. As we were waiting for our turn, Team Marshmallow from the German bus came up to pitch their kid chore management application. Talk about shocking!

How is it that people on two busses come up with very similar ideas – and not a music idea or an alcohol idea, but a kid idea. I don’t think anyone on the other bus even has children. It’s okay – we’ll be fine.

Our idea is solid and trumps theirs. But, it definitely threw Daniel off when they pitched just before us. We’ve redoubled our efforts to build a solid business by tomorrow. 24 hours until the pitches *really* start to matter.

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