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If you can't fearless, 
Fear Fewer.

New Work

Dive deep with me, and see what we find. Describe it, and decide whether we want to keep the treasures of the deep.

I have prayed in great cathedrals

I have danced around the abyss before
Perched precariously
Along its jagged peaks
Seeking adventure
Just out of reach.

I have walked through the desert before
Parched and beaten
By the noon day sun
Seeking fortune
Or a little fun…

Tuesday is meant to be celebrated

There’s no devastating surprise to slap you like cold water and wake from the dream…

I will run to your fire

I’ll drown in your Sorrow
And dreams of tomorrow…


Big Medium Austin West Studio Tour

November 4-5 & 11-12 12 – 6 PM

3611 Bonnie Road Austin, Texas 78703

Crepe Paper Skin

Crepe Paper Skin

Watching my crepe paper Skin Slide  Over the muscles I move As I reach for the tonic Each morning  To give me the energy Of youth To age  Through another day And see my skin  Wrinkle And slide  Again  Tomorrow  I think Of my mother’s hands As they aged around…

150 150 Stafford Wood
Gerund is easier than noun

Gerund is easier than noun

Speaking is easier than being a speaker Leading is easier than being a leader Fighting is easier than being a fighter Writing is easier than being a writer Teaching is easier than being a teacher Preaching is easier than being a preacher Loving is easier than being a lover Mothering…

150 150 Stafford Wood
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