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If you can't fearless, 
Fear Fewer.

New Work

Dive deep with me, and see what we find. Describe it, and decide whether we want to keep the treasures of the deep.

I have prayed in great cathedrals

I have danced around the abyss before
Perched precariously
Along its jagged peaks
Seeking adventure
Just out of reach.

I have walked through the desert before
Parched and beaten
By the noon day sun
Seeking fortune
Or a little fun…

Tuesday is meant to be celebrated

There’s no devastating surprise to slap you like cold water and wake from the dream…

I will run to your fire

I’ll drown in your Sorrow
And dreams of tomorrow…


Women in Art Exhibition 

February 3 – March 22

Bee Cave Arts Foundation
Hive Gallery
12700 Hill Country Blvd
Bee Cave, Texas

Artist Demonstration March 2 at 2pm



What makes this the endMore than any time before?The bitterness I felt for youResentment and much more? Contempt for all your lies, disguisedAs half-truths, tales and bendsThe way you’ve twisted all my words Does not make this the end. It’s not the way you looked at meWhen you turned and said…

2560 1920 Stafford Wood
The Ice Melts

The Ice Melts

As the ice melts around my heartThe footprints of last night remainOffering memories of all that came beforeAnd into time retained.  As the ice melts on the lakeThe water starts to moveAnd takes the warmth from the sunTo build a current that soothesThe torrent in my soulA place for time…

1920 2560 Stafford Wood
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