Paris Arrival and Getting to the Pitch

Paris Arrival and Getting to the Pitch

Monday morning at 2 am, we arrived at the tiniest, lamest hostel I’ve ever been to. The accommodations were typical Parisian hostel, but the staff was simply miserable. They weren’t particularly interested in the 70 of us or assisting us in any way. We checked in (slowly) and my team got to work.

We decided that I would do the pitch in the morning, rewrote the script and then built supporting visuals for it. I laid my head on a bunk bed at 6 am, and got back up at 7. At 8 am, we were all ready to head out, but we didn’t have a bus. Lots of discussions about how best to travel, until finally Daniel and I ran off to get taxis.

Walking on the streets of Paris with a mission to accomplish feels alot different than tourism. We needed transportation (yes, we could have gone metro, but everyone had their luggage, and it seemed like too far to walk and such).

We asked a lady for help.

I’ve heard Parisians aren’t helpful, resent Americans and would never stop to help a stranger, but this lady was awesome. She said she spoke a little English, smiled in a friendly way and sent us straight to the closest hotel that would call us a cab – Novohotel. Unfortunately, we walked that direction and passed it up.

So, I thought, Parisians aren’t at all like they say, let me ask another! She didn’t speak English and scurried away at the question. Oh, that one was an anomaly. How about this one? No, she can’t help. That one? Hmmm… no, she doesn’t know. And so on…

Finally, Daniel found someone who would point us back from whence we came where a lovely concierge called us two cabs and we were on our way.

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