2023 Poetry

Crepe Paper Skin

Watching my crepe paper Skin Slide  Over the muscles I move As I reach for the tonic Each morning  To give me the energy Of youth To age  Through another day And see my skin  Wrinkle And slide  Again  Tomorrow  I think Of my mother’s hands As they aged around the Star sapphire That retained its…

150 150 Stafford Wood


They didn't know the wisdom of the past. Couldn't see the promise of the future. Never felt the fuzzy beard.Or learned to hold the rod and cast.They didn't know love's rootin unconditional eternal grasp.They thought that love is maternalAnd not the kind that's maskedIn concern for risk and safetyAnd found in rules that last.The entire…

150 150 Stafford Wood


I cannot reinhabitThe soul that was mineEven when I look at photographsAnd try to rememberwho I used to be.The kind of SeptemberWhen it all came crashing down.

150 150 Stafford Wood

Soul carrier

This sack of meat which carries my soul should not be trusted with it it betrays my desire offends my aesthetic and isnt worthy of the task.

150 150 Stafford Wood

Gerund is easier than noun

Speaking is easier than being a speaker Leading is easier than being a leader Fighting is easier than being a fighter Writing is easier than being a writer Teaching is easier than being a teacher Preaching is easier than being a preacher Loving is easier than being a lover Mothering is easier than being a…

150 150 Stafford Wood

Fairy Tales & Tragedy

Little girls dream of a happy ending  With the prince of charms and all the gold and beautiful things Dream of weddings and children and legacies  And the life of fairy tales They fear the tragic end and the broken promises The heartache the pain the loss They are taught to be frightened of the…

150 150 Stafford Wood
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