It’s Crunch Time.

It’s Crunch Time.

In less than 45 minutes, Daniel will do the first public presentation of our company Qbeeco ( In less than 55 hours, we’ve gone from concept to company formation, name, logo, tagline, website, written the content for the website, wireframed an application, Facebook page, Twitter account, promotional quiz app, feature set, and more.

Three days ago, I didn’t know any of these people. Now, I feel like I know two Dutchies, a Londoner and a Dane as well as I know the people I’ve worked with for seven years. We’ve created real relationships – built a real company. I thought this would be just a game, just a goof, just a lark… just an experience. But, this is an experience that has changed me.

I’ve rediscovered a passion for innovation – like I’ve never had before. I know myself better. I’ve grown and changed in ways that are going to affect all of my relationships going forward.

Watch the pitch live at:

150 150 Stafford Wood
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