Things I want to do before I die

Great American Road Trip with Jed: Biggest ball of twine in Minnesota, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Liberty Bell -- all of it. See the Kremlin:  Stand in Red Square, maybe Tiananmen Square and stand in front of a tank. Use a Foreign Language: Actually use one of the languages that I've learned in my…

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List of words Steve says that are awesome

Just so I always remember how adorable he was -- these are words that as soon as they come out of his mouth I just start smiling: Popcorn Chicken Sissy Gigi Love Robot Vaccuum (he thinks that's the formal name of any robot, due to the fact that a Roomba was the first robot he…

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Protected: My Grandmother

-----Original Message----- From: Stafford Kendall Sent: Monday, August 20, 2007 12:12 AM To: '' Subject: RE: I have a question I'm sorry I didn't reply right away - last week was very hectic, we had a party for one of my clients and my business partner has had a family emergency and was out of…

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Hillary or Obama

Quinn and I were discussing who she was supporting in the upcoming Democratic primary. She said that she definitely didn't want Hillary to win, lest Senator Clinton becoming the first woman President. This would mean Quinn couldn't be first, you see. She said she also thought that black people hadn't been "appreciated much lately. If…

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Teaching at Quinn’s camp

Here are my two PDFs of the assignments and "tha rules." This week we also played a game that I made up, that ended up being very cool. Just in case I get hit by a bus (the mere mention of which insures it won't happen), I'll write a little about it, so the knowledge…

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Steve's at that beautiful age where he sings the ABC song as his party trick. He's also at the glorious age where there are 21 letters of the alphabet, including the all important - Ellamino

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Quinn has discovered Webkins

Beanie Babies meets Online Multiplayer Gaming Genius.

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