Let them eat dirt!

Let them eat dirt!

From The Advocate – Feb. 14, 2008
Web expert Stafford Kendall lightened the recipe of the popular Dirt Cake and said she thought the reduced-calorie version was just as delightful as the full-fat one.


Dirt Cake Light

Published: Feb 14, 2008

From Recipe adapted by Stafford Kendall

1 (20-oz.) pkg. reduced-fat Oreo cookies
1 (8-oz.) pkg. neufchâtel cream cheese
4 tbls. butter substitute
1/2 cup confectioners’ sugar
1 (12-oz.) tub of light Cool Whip
3 1/2 cups skim milk
2 (4-serving size) pkgs. vanilla fat-free and sugar-free cook and serve reduced-calorie pudding

1. Crush cookies and set aside.

2. Mix neufchâtel cream cheese, butter substitute and confectioners’ sugar together in a small bowl.

3. In another bowl, combine Cool Whip, skim milk and pudding mixes together.

4. Fold the cheese mixture into the pudding mixture.

5. Line a clean flower pot with plastic wrap. Layer the creamy filling and Oreo crumbs in the flower pot as follows: layer of Oreo crumbs, layer of creamy filling, Oreo crumbs, creamy filling and top with remainder of Oreo crumbs.

6. Refrigerate. Serve with a garden spade. Can be garnished with gummy worms and plastic flowers, if desired.

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