My little Dog-U-Tantes

My little Dog-U-Tantes

See Hazel and Quinn walk the “red carpet” at the Dog-U-Tante Ball put on this weekend by Spay Baton Rouge.


That’s Steve saying “Go Hazel! Go Hazel! Go Hazel! Go Hazel! Go Hazel!” in the background.

And they have photos for purchase:

Thank you for attending the Spay Baton Rouge Dog-U-Tante Ball last weekend. I hope you had a barking good time! I have made available the photos I took at the event. There should be at least one photo of every dog at the ball. You can view the gallery and purchase individual or multiple photos by clicking on the link below then entering your email address. Proceeds from each order will go directly to Spay Baton Rouge.

 Thank you,


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