Water Experiment at Church

Water Experiment at Church

I’m teaching Sunday school on September 23 and need your help with some supplies.  

If you have the ability to get us some water from your city, it would be much appreciated. If it could be sent in a mason jar or other glass jar, that’d be best. Second would be some sort of metal thermos, third is a 2-liter bottle jug.  

Essentially, I’m going to get the kids to do a blind taste test of other cities’ water, bottled water and Baton Rouge water. Then, we’re going to do some chlorination, iron, nitrates and pH tests on the waters. The goal is to teach them that drinking bottled water in Baton Rouge is silly (2nd best municipal water in the country ten years running). Hopefully, we’ll cover the whole *reduce* part of reduce, reuse, recycle to get a couple of dozen kids to stop with bottled water here.

Then, I’ll show them an aquifer demonstration so they can learn why our water is so good.  

Anyhow, if you are headed this way, or are able to send water via mail, it’s much appreciated!

For the address to send it to, just send me an email –  stafford@staffordkendall.com

150 150 Stafford Wood
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