Why do I use LinkedIN?

I was recently asked why I use LinkedIn - here's my answer: Why Link In? It's like the Web used to be -- back in the beginning (93-95) when everyone online was competent, most folks understood computers, most everyone knew someone who knew someone who knew the person you were talking to. No one SPOKE…

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Critical Success Factors for SEO

Having a clear, defined, numeric & qualitative (action-oriented) goals is the primary success factor for your SEO strategy. Make sure you know exactly what you're looking to get out of your time and energy. Make sure that nothing is sacred. If you say "we'll only change the live text, not the design in any way"…

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LaPlante’s Thesis


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Protected: Theocracy or Monarchy?

Which is better? My husband says "Monarchy. At least a king fears the power of the church. Right now, both America and the state of Louisiana seem to be turning into theocracies. A theocrat is afraid of nothing and it scares me. "

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My Marketing Profs Profile

To read my questions and answers:

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From Wired: Digg and Netscape: To Pay or Not to Pay?

      Whats funny to me about all of this is that its essentially the same discussions, arguments and decisions to be made that were made by AOL back in the days before unlimited usage. The staff (later community leaders) that were the unpaid 1% lived their lives to create the community for AOL…

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