When you make love to me
(I say when and not if
Because I see it so clearly

When you make love to me
(It will be
When you love me so much
You can’t say no
Not to me
That’s easy
But the voice inside of you
Saying now is the time)

It will be Sunday
In the afternoon
(When we’re dry as a bone
Not wet from the pool
Or whiskey
Wet from the way
that you look at me)

When you make love to me
(I’ll say I could spend the rest of my life
Looking into your eyes
But I’ll think that I can’t
because I’ll always know

That the right woman
Who is your type
Will come along
And you’ll want her
And break my heart
That I never thought
Could love.)

When you make love to me
(Because it’s yours to choose
I imagined myself
With the man
And the happy dog
I imagined what
His chest would feel like
And I started dreaming about)
When you make love to me.

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