What’s Your Idea?

What’s Your Idea?

We arrived at the Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship to find a couple of cases of Danish beer, two dozen cool kids and a room full of chatter, energy and pitches. It seemed like half the people there had *the* idea that was going to make a million dollars, and they were definitely the guy to develop it. Now, the other half seemed like they were the ones who actually *were* going to develop the ideas – the solitary programmers, graphic designers… the quiet creatives who knew they had the skills to make ideas into reality.

There were a handful of Americans, a woman from Sweden, a gaggle of Dutchies (who had brought brilliant plastic viking hats for us all), a couple of Londoners, a Belgian and the Danes.

The team gathers for our first meeting

I think I’ve got an idea to pitch tomorrow that could really be cool. It solves a brand reputation management problem – something I know quite a bit about. It can be built in 4 days, and it can be sold B2B, which is something I’m more comfortable with than the typical consumer products that come out of the Startup Bus world. We’ll see how it goes in the morning.

– Stafford

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