Walk-In Appointment

Waiting Room

Walk-In Appointment

Sitting in the empty waiting room
Hoping to get the first walk-in appointment
I marvel at how comfortable the room is
With a cozy couch, Avant garde chairs
And traditional decor.

The first appointment arrives.
She’s in and out in moments
But the room fills up.
It’s standing room only.

I step outside to the hall
To take care of business
As each one goes in.
Always one at a time.
There’s only one examination room
I suppose.

It feels like a decade of waiting.
And the room has just three of us.
Those two called to the back.
(Maybe two rooms?)

One comes out.

The other stays a long, long time.

My turn is next the receptionist seems to say.
He comes out and talks to me. Asks about my day. Says that he’s sorry for my wait but he didn’t guarantee an appointment today.

The last one leaves in a hurry and scrapes the wall carrying out far too much.

He’s exhausted I’m sure.

Just as I think it’s my turn.

A woman comes in in a panic. “I have to see him today.”

But it’s my turn.
And I’ve been waiting.
And I get the first walk-in.

Back in the little room with anticipation
He comes in.

And goes out again.

Bouncing between two rooms.

I decide to slip out and leave.

And I don’t come back for a long time.

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