The Game of Life

The Game of Life

July 21

In the Game of Life,
I put the wrong blue plastic in my car.
I’m not sure why
I even chose the wrong car,
from the start.

And when it came to college or career,
I picked the wrong college.
And the wrong career.

And the houses I picked
always needed to be fixed.
Not in the fun way you planned.
But the foundations were damned.

As I arrived at each place on the board
I looked at what I could see
in front of me,
And chose.

But not now. Now I’m changing the board.
From Aggravation and Sorry
to D&D.
With magic and adventures and fantasy.
Now, I’ll make it up.
Every step, every roll.

Choose a character to be
And hope that it’s more me than the old me.
And maybe I’ll see
that the Game of Life
can be extraordinary.

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