I did not choose to love you
January 20, 2019

I did not choose to love you
Guardian of the foolish inclinations of man.
The one who ascertains what guest
is missing of his childhood, of delight
And returns it to him as Loki returns chaos
To an orderly world.

I did not choose to love you
Protector of the inner child and adolescence
The one who finds a way to reinvent
Play and dance and laughter
And build a sandcastle out of pillows in the living room
To purposefully disturb the peace.

I did not choose to love you
Inventor of novel experiences that whisk away
the passing droplets of time
And find themselves all but a memory
forgotten as the wine turns to sobriety
But remembered in the flesh and held in the ethos as a moment of audience with the Gods
Who remember more than mortals do what is the purpose of our sweet, short life.

I did not choose to love you
Because I try everyday to forget my past
And go forth to conquer new lands
Cured of the burden of self
Lost in the strains of time
Forgetting what I am and all the constraints
Of the constructs that contain me
So I can make the world free for the fantasies
You create so effortlessly just by walking
Through this land, a god among men.
Waiving your hand and drawing me in
To love you not by choice but by necessity.

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