Pioneer Houses

Pioneer Houses

In 1987, my grandmother measured, engineered, illustrated and created these art projects for the LSU-Shreveport Pioneer Heritage Center. You can download, print, cut, fold and glue them to make replicas of the Shotgun, Dog Trot and Pen Houses.

From my Aunt Donna: Here are scans of the best copies I could find of mom’s little houses.
there are 2 pages for the single pen house, no floor because they were dirt floored. I remember her telling me that is what pioneers built first to live in and later converted to a place for animals after their home was built.

There are 4 pages for the shotgun house. It is the size of two pen houses.
The Dog-trot has 4 pages also.

When I finally found all Mom’s work on these designs, I saw that she had made several attempts at making them the right size, etc. She has some that are larger. She wrote a note to the woman who had asked her to do this project. It was dated Jan. 6, 1987. So she was 59.

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