My mom just got back from Japan -- she visited some Papieriums that were amazing. In case you want to peruse, take a look at these links:

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My little Dog-U-Tantes

See Hazel and Quinn walk the "red carpet" at the Dog-U-Tante Ball put on this weekend by Spay Baton Rouge. [googlevideo= That's Steve saying "Go Hazel! Go Hazel! Go Hazel! Go Hazel! Go Hazel!" in the background. And they have photos for purchase: Thank you for attending the Spay Baton Rouge Dog-U-Tante Ball last weekend.…

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Pictures from Halloween


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Hillary or Obama

Quinn and I were discussing who she was supporting in the upcoming Democratic primary. She said that she definitely didn't want Hillary to win, lest Senator Clinton becoming the first woman President. This would mean Quinn couldn't be first, you see. She said she also thought that black people hadn't been "appreciated much lately. If…

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Teaching at Quinn’s camp

Here are my two PDFs of the assignments and "tha rules." This week we also played a game that I made up, that ended up being very cool. Just in case I get hit by a bus (the mere mention of which insures it won't happen), I'll write a little about it, so the knowledge…

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Quinn has discovered Webkins

Beanie Babies meets Online Multiplayer Gaming Genius.

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