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6th District – LA Congressional Election

I’m a little bit of a zealot right now about our upcoming election for Louisiana's 6th District Congressional seat. Since Richard Baker's resignation, Jindal set democratic and republican primaries for March 8th. There will probably be a 2nd closed party primary (runoff) on April 5th. Then, a general election between the Democratic and Republican candidates…

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Andy’s first commercial went live

View it at

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Andy Kopplin is running for Congress

My friend Andy Kopplin is running for Congress -- give me a little time and I'll have andykopplin.com up and running! Stafford

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Scary thought

1 in 5 Americans believe the sun revolves around the earth

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Next Sunday at the Unitarian Church

Next Sunday the Unitarian Church. Be there. "A Breach of Faith" Sep 9th 2007, 9:30 am & 11:15 am Unitarian Church of Baton ROuge 8470 Goodwood Blvd. Baton Rouge, LA 70806 225.926.2291 Journalist/author Jed Horne's Breach of Faith is the One Book/One Community selection for the Baton Rouge community. He joins our minister this morning…

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Jena 6

From William Winters - perhaps the most important social justice issue of our time within our reach.

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Proverbs 22:29

Generally, I see the separation of church and state almost as sacred as the cross. When religion gets mixed with government, historically very bad things start to happen. Recently I received an email from a friend, who is a very religious person, and I was a little upset to see his email signature included a…

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Protected: Theocracy or Monarchy?

Which is better? My husband says "Monarchy. At least a king fears the power of the church. Right now, both America and the state of Louisiana seem to be turning into theocracies. A theocrat is afraid of nothing and it scares me. "

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