6th District – LA Congressional Election

6th District – LA Congressional Election

I’m a little bit of a zealot right now about our upcoming election for Louisiana’s 6th District Congressional seat. Since Richard Baker’s resignation, Jindal set democratic and republican primaries for March 8th. There will probably be a 2nd closed party primary (runoff) on April 5th. Then, a general election between the Democratic and Republican candidates on May 3, 2008.    

Democrats & independents (no affiliation) will be able to vote in the Democratic primary.

Republicans will be able to vote in the Republican primary. 

Green party, Libertarian and Reform party voters will be unable to vote in the party primaries, but can vote in the general election.

In the Democratic primary, we have four strong candidates:

Don Cazayoux
Jason DeCuir
Michael Jackson
Andy Kopplin

I want to be sure that everyone I know hears that I am wholeheartedly supporting Andy Kopplin for Congress. As the Chief of Staff for Governors Foster and Blanco, and the Executive Director of the Louisiana Recovery Authority, Andy gained the admiration of Republicans and Democrats in Louisiana, as well as folks out of state. I believe he has the experience and smarts to be the strongest representative of our interests in D.C.  He is bright, articulate and totally dedicated to advancing Louisiana.

If you don’t know Andy, I’d love to introduce you, or answer any questions you have about him.

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