2023 Poetry

Forward Facing Heart

I wish that I could fill the hole in youAnd make you whole.The cleft of my heart every time you leave meGrows stronger tissue with each scarScars caused by neglectInattentionWillful desire for another womanAnother lifeYour first wifeYour second lifeAs you look back,You break my forward-facing heartBut I cherish itWhen it builds my resistance With constant insistence That…

150 150 Stafford Wood

Gerund is easier than noun

Speaking is easier than being a speaker Leading is easier than being a leader Fighting is easier than being a fighter Writing is easier than being a writer Teaching is easier than being a teacher Preaching is easier than being a preacher Loving is easier than being a lover Mothering is easier than being a…

150 150 Stafford Wood

Fairy Tales & Tragedy

Little girls dream of a happy ending  With the prince of charms and all the gold and beautiful things Dream of weddings and children and legacies  And the life of fairy tales They fear the tragic end and the broken promises The heartache the pain the loss They are taught to be frightened of the…

150 150 Stafford Wood

Living with Disease

Once you have a treatmentYou don’t seek to find a cureLiving with disease is easierIf you can half of it You never want to have it allBecause giving up what you haveIs harder than you thought

150 150 Stafford Wood
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