2020 Poetry


Heavenly Father and my own fatherWatch over me and those I love.And the ones I hate.Give him the strength to become a good man through all his trialsAnd an easier path to a new life as he has passed your temptations.Give my children total assurance that they are loved and deserve it.Give me and all…

150 150 Stafford Wood


Talking for hoursLife and death and sexAnd all the important thingsLike Russian Seuss storiesAnd shoeless daughtersDefending what is rightAnd a Scout’s honorFollowing your lifeHanging on every wordUntil I play houseAnd sleep under your roofIn a warm cocoonOf your love

150 150 Stafford Wood


I’ll hold the basketThen bring it awayAnd float it down riverLike Moses to his motherHiding in the reedsWith all your problemsAnd needsTo reign down plagueson your enemiesAnd split the seaTo save you.It just might take a few years.And more baskets.

150 150 Stafford Wood

Love you.

Love you.Tossed in as you say goodbyeFor me to excavate for hours.As surely as I know what I mean to youI doubt it still. Love you.As purposeful as your wordsin the middle of the nightWhen I am lost and aloneWith you a few blocks awayBut separated by miles. Love you.The words said by millions of…

150 150 Stafford Wood


And yet I know that you will leave me.For a black haired ravenOr Sonoran sunsetFor a green eyed black girlWith a peaceful soulLayered on a raging heartInstead of mine, the reverse. But I love you still.In orbit around your tortured soulSeeking more, always moreEver-fulfilled.when satisfaction is nearYou feel the empty of those around youAnd seek…

150 150 Stafford Wood

A Perfect Composite of a Man

Flawless memoryCompassionate heartObservant eyesPunctuated chinStriking browCurious tongueTender lipsWooly chestStrong armsCareful handsSharp witDetermined spiritProtective embraceCharming princeAny piece of youCould bend me to your willBut that smileThat open inviting beautiful smileIt slays me every time I see your perfect face.

150 150 Stafford Wood
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