Quoted in The Advocate

Quoted in The Advocate

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The old Web site did not represent “the parish’s superb education system,” said Stafford Kendall with Covalent Logic


Kendall said the school system’s Web site needed a complete overhaul of its design, technology, content and navigation.

Kendall’s company started working on the project in March.

“It didn’t feel like it belonged to the School Board,” Kendall said, adding that it took time for content to get added.

One of the main problems centered on the home page’s content, Kendall said. “Everything was on the home page and things were hard to find,” she said.

The new site directs users to content specific areas, she said.

“The online world should not be a mysterious world,” Kendall said. “A company should have the ability to prioritize and make proper decisions.”

Balfantz and Kendall were quick to point out that the Web site changes are not complete.

“Creating a Web site is like painting a moving car,” Kendall said. “A Web site is never really finished. You can grow with your needs, and that’s the ability the new site gives the School Board.”

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