It be Talk Like A Pirate Day, 2007!

It be Talk Like A Pirate Day, 2007!

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Arr, ahoy me hearty! It be Talk Like A Pirate Day — an’ that mean it be time fer swashbucklin’, pluderin’, an’ talkin’ like the buccaneer that ye be!

In this email: th’ charity single be available, an’ there be more’n a dozen PIRATE PARTIES around th’country – why not head t’one o’em? Pirate Day be all about mystery an’ adventure, after all – take a bit o’a chance an’ have some fun!


Arr, if ye not be gettin’ a copy o’the charity single afore the day is out, I be keelhaulin’ ye, matey! We be raisin’ money fer Marie Curie Cancer Care – an’ wi one big heave-ho, we can be plunderin’ the charts come Sunday! So please, me hearties, grab yerself a copy an’ tell yer friends – it be only 79p, which be less than the price o’a mug o’grog, an’ they be takin’ cards an’ PayPal! t’watch the video t’grab it (it also be on iTunes an’ other download shops an’all, but we be preferrin’ Indiestore)

If ye be havin’ an account on Digg, Reddit, or any o’ yer social news sites, fer cryin’ out loud submit it there an’ ‘elp us t’be plunderin’ their charts an’ all!


Have a great, grand, wondrous Pirate Day, me hearties! Best o’ luck on the high seas!


— Mad Cap’n Tom

(Ye be receivin’ this email because ye be subscribed to the annual reminder list fer Talk Like A Pirate Day. If ye be wantin’ off, head on to , and we be takin’ care o’ ye there!)

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