I hid myself

I hid myself

In that moment
I knew that I was naked
So I hid myself
In a cloud of smoke
And continued to eat
From the tree of knowledge
All the while
Hoping that Eden
Could survive.

In that moment
I realized
That my heart was on the outside
That every thought and feeling
Exposed to you.
While you hid yourself from me
Beneath layers of lies
And carefully chosen words

You left me early to make out with her
While I got your groceries
And took care of your daughter
And danced lies to your ex-wife.

But you haven’t told me yet.
Because you don’t want to hurt me?
Because you’re a coward?
Because the truth would take away my unending love and affection and service?

Like your lies, you’ve lost my truth already.

I choose when to appear naked to you.
But I am always clothed to protect myself.
And you will never have my Eden.
Because you lie.

150 150 Stafford Wood
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