Facebook Retreats on Online Tracking

Facebook Retreats on Online Tracking

From the NY Times: Click here: Facebook Retreats on Online Tracking – New York Times

This is an interesting read… but about half way down it gets to the fascinating part:

“Whenever we innovate and create great new experiences and new features, if they are not well understood at the outset, one thing we need to do is give people an opportunity to interact with them,” said Chamath Palihapitiya, a vice president at Facebook. “After a while, they fall in love with them.”

Mr. Palihapitiya was referring to Facebook’s controversial introduction of the News Feed feature last year. More than 700,000 people protested that feature, and Mr. Zuckerberg publicly apologized for aspects of it. However, Facebook did not remove the feature, and eventually users came to like it, Mr. Palihapitiya said. He said Facebook would not add a universal opt-out to Beacon, as many members have requested.

Coming late to Facebook, it’s interesting — because the news feed is one of my favorite parts of Facebook and I can’t imagine the site without it.

– Stafford

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