Choosing a Patron Saint

Choosing a Patron Saint

I’ve decided I need to choose a patron saint. If Julian of Norwich had been cannonized, I would certainly choose her, but lacking her Sainthood, I can’t very well have a Patron Saint who isn’t a Saint. I’m not sure if I should be choosing someone who I can emulate, or choosing someone who is there simply to take care of me.

I have guardian angels already, and I didn’t choose them, they were chosen for me.

Here are some of the characteristics that are interesting to me:

1 – A mystic, seer, prophet. Someone who saw the future, and was tormented by the ecstasy of it.

2 – An intellectual, thinker, analyst. A rational writer who through thought and poetry captures truth.

3 – A protector. A man who championed justice and protected women.

I’m drawn to Catherine of Siena. A strong woman in the same age as Julian, she exhibits a strength of will that I certainly have had. Mary Magdalene is a consideration. As a companion of Jesus, her strength of character to convert feels rich and inspiring for my own story. Joseph the Protector has already been an intercessor for me. Peter Claver certainly helped draw me in and call me to the church. But, I feel like my saint will be presented to me.

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