Gender confusion

Steve was talking about going to see characters at DisneyWorld. Quinn said, "yeah, we'll see Eeyore, and Tigger, and Pooh!" Steve said, "And Mickey Mouse. Don't forget Mickey Mouse. But, you know, sometimes Mickey Mouse is a girl."

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Pictures from Halloween


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Steve singing Boomer Sooners

Here's our son singing Boomer Sooners

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List of words Steve says that are awesome

Just so I always remember how adorable he was -- these are words that as soon as they come out of his mouth I just start smiling: Popcorn Chicken Sissy Gigi Love Robot Vaccuum (he thinks that's the formal name of any robot, due to the fact that a Roomba was the first robot he…

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Steve's at that beautiful age where he sings the ABC song as his party trick. He's also at the glorious age where there are 21 letters of the alphabet, including the all important - Ellamino

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