As she…

As she…

July 14

As she stared into his eyes
His smile made her tremble
she’d never thought she’d
Be so very close to him.

As his tongue slipped past her lips
She felt her heart expand
He’s choosing her to give his time
And she gives him all she can.

As his fingers slipped inside her
She knew that this was love
His first touch drew her closer
Each moment she did covet.

As he called to ask her what she’d said
And who she said it to
She felt shame, and cried embarrassed
That she’d thought his words were true.

As the years turned into decades
She thought she’d grown mature and tried
To protect herself from believing
And knew that men told lies.

As she looked into the mirror
She knew that she was not
The sort of woman that men looked at
And never who they sought.

As she stared into his eyes
And his smile still the same
She felt her heart start beating
As he played his game again.

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