I believe in you, a future, life and love
though I see just where you are
I know that you can swiftly move
to choose a path by morningstar

Further and further from the shore
swimming straight to a riptide
hopeless, listless, finding more
pain at every stroke and sigh

Wishing for more than a life preserver
-though my God could save your world-
wondering how I can but serve you
my ship afloat, my flag unfurled.

Knowing you must find the strength
inside your breast to do what’s hard
here beside you to swim the length
no matter how dark, no matter how far.

My life is yours, my mind, my treasure,
until such time as you might find,
with me or without me, pleasure
could be yours at any time.

The night is cold and dark and sad
terrified by future prospects
and while to some you seem quite mad
your spirit ne’er tires of concepts

your body creaks around you, aging
but your mind is agile still
I know you’ll find the way by gauging
where freedom lies, the strength, the will.

150 150 Stafford Wood
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