From 2008

There’s a certain kind of loneliness
That comes when you’re with someone
who will never leave you alone.
Who follows you everywhere and
clings to you like a respirator
For the dying.

It creeps into your heart
And makes a bed to sleep in every night.
It dances with your other feelings
Stepping on toes, discordant
Ruining every song with its chant
For Freebird.

You walk into the room that’s occupied
And hear “I love you”
And know that you are trying
To make it work
But it only feeds that beast in your heart.

The monster has slipped in
When your eyes were closed
To poison every thought.
Dripping on the rug of your soul
With his dirty, wet feet.

He’s silent when no one is close enough
To remind you how lonely you are.
In those moments,
You roust him out of bed
Tell him everything is going to change
Pack up your stuff and get ready to leave

But the other walks back into the room
And loneliness comes with him
So you unpack
While you force a smile
And say “I love you, too.”

150 150 Stafford Wood
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