Selected Poetry

Crepe Paper Skin

Watching my crepe paper Skin Slide  Over the muscles I move As I reach for the tonic Each morning  To give me the energy Of youth To age  Through another day And see my skin  Wrinkle And slide  Again  Tomorrow  I think Of my mother’s hands As they aged around the Star sapphire That retained its…

150 150 Stafford Wood

Gerund is easier than noun

Speaking is easier than being a speaker Leading is easier than being a leader Fighting is easier than being a fighter Writing is easier than being a writer Teaching is easier than being a teacher Preaching is easier than being a preacher Loving is easier than being a lover Mothering is easier than being a…

150 150 Stafford Wood

Fairy Tales & Tragedy

Little girls dream of a happy ending  With the prince of charms and all the gold and beautiful things Dream of weddings and children and legacies  And the life of fairy tales They fear the tragic end and the broken promises The heartache the pain the loss They are taught to be frightened of the…

150 150 Stafford Wood

Strong Woman

AStrongWomanIn LoveBecomesA womanIn loveSoftFeminineVulnerableTo his strengthWeaken by his gazeAttentive to his needAndRattled by his touch. A strong womanIs no differentThan any otherWhen aloneEven for a momentWith a manWho she loves.

150 150 Stafford Wood


Love can wax and waneLike the the moon.Sometimes strong and powerfulOthers weak and timidThe moon begins her ascentOpens herselfAnd displays her full beautyAnd love for the earth.Then she falters in imperfectionFades gently from viewAnd settles into obscurityUntil she loves again.

150 150 Stafford Wood

Olga was very brave

The boy of five said to the reporterAbout his companionOn the great adventure. I imagine his mother, talking to her childrenAfraid for their safetyBut certain of the choice to flee. “Just like the movies, Aleskii.We’ll race through the streets in a car.And run across fields.And hide in ditches while the enemy passesNot everyone will make…

150 150 Stafford Wood


Like Ann Sullivan with Helen KellerYou took a frustratedAngryDemandingObstinateTorturedWreck of a childAnd taught her to bePatient and kind. Like Henry Higgins with Eliza DoolittleYou took a courseVulgarUnkemptDisheveledBawdyWretch of an urchinAnd taught her to beGraceful enough to be wined and dined. Like Peter Pan with Wendy DarlingYou created a motherlyGentleStorytellerAdventurerAnd taught herTo dance and sing and…

150 150 Stafford Wood

A girl who looks like a woman

How do you seduce a girlWho looks just like a woman?Delighted by laughterHer eyes flickerWhen you touch her just rightWith a word or a hand.But her heart can be brokenHer soul crushedBy a great love or a friend. She’s never been loved rightExcept by her daddyWho told her to bewareOf men with soft voicesAnd strong…

150 150 Stafford Wood

Heart Strings

Jul 27 TetheredFrom too much timespent togetherEntangled in lifeIf never a knotIt’s still a lotTo untangleIf you or IDecideTo cut tiesOtherwiseWe continueUnitedWhile you tryTo untieMy heart strings.

150 150 Stafford Wood


July 23 In orbit around youMy ellipse sometimes closeOften far,But always drawn backBy gravity or is it loveThat pulls me towards you? Release me from this captivitySet me free to danceNot follow this pathFind my own wayFloating through spaceAnd time. And I know I’ll fall straightInto the weightof your being,Collapsing inTo become oneOr explode.

150 150 Stafford Wood
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