2022 Poetry

You’ve Tried

​You’ve tried the water to drench your desire.You’ve tried the calm to center your storm.You’ve sucked the air to starve the fire.And hoped the smoke with still the swarm. But it’s been awhile since you looked for passion beyond your own. A hurricane to spawn your tornado.A flood to overwhelm your walls.The fuel to light…

150 150 Stafford Wood

The tie you chose

When I saw you dressed, the tie you choseIt brought forth something in my soulTo know you put me on like clothesAnd let me slink around your throatI keep my dream in reposeAnd find a way to gently holdMy story safe and distant, coldUntil I discover that you stole inside and toldMe of your thoughts,…

150 150 Stafford Wood


Fireworks of truthExploding all around meAnd I wish that you were hereBecause I love your ooohs and ahhhsAnd I want you to show me which ones are dangerousAnd the ones ordinaryAnd the ones that I should photographAnd try to hold on.

150 150 Stafford Wood

A Pacemaker

How fortunate we are to live at a time when broken hearts can be mended. We put in stints and pacemakers. Have pills to make your blood pump clean and transfuse your loss with new life. would that we offered such care to ourselves when the wounds are invisible and disfunction undetected by diagnostics and…

150 150 Stafford Wood

Not me

I wish I had more compassion for what you're going through The genes that make you willing to say “I wish that it were me.” but I sit here in the dark thanking God that it’s not me. this just makes me afraid. like death is contagious but my children are safe and sleeping through…

150 150 Stafford Wood

And you were going to hate him for life

Not naive or innocentnot childish or childlikebut full of life unbounded by customor knowing betterVacillating from hate to loveand back again.always back again.

150 150 Stafford Wood

Innocence of desire

The innocence of desire Without regret Without inspiring Doubt or pain Childlike wanting Of love and joy To build you up And help you grow. The innocence of desire That pulls you in To her gravity Of purpose and poignant form With nothing in reserve To hold you up If it all turns to Turpentine.…

150 150 Stafford Wood

Sadness is on me

And a certain malaise That’s not quite ennui I haven’t played in days. But the day is bright And grackles are talking I just can’t see the light In everyone’s squawking while walking So I sit in the shade Kept safe from the sun Wondering why I’ve lost sight Of the one who’s begun to…

150 150 Stafford Wood

Olga was very brave

The boy of five said to the reporterAbout his companionOn the great adventure. I imagine his mother, talking to her childrenAfraid for their safetyBut certain of the choice to flee. “Just like the movies, Aleskii.We’ll race through the streets in a car.And run across fields.And hide in ditches while the enemy passesNot everyone will make…

150 150 Stafford Wood


Artists are mediumsThat carry the spirit of the ageFrom light to darkMoving through the tearsLike the hand of God If photography is deathLife is artBoundless by realityPaint what is really thereIn perpetuity.

150 150 Stafford Wood
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